Astonished Scientist Discovers Love Handle Cure Watching Movie Trailers!!!

hot 40 min workout

Why would I watch this??? – Screenshot from Hot 40 Min Workout P2 on YouTube

So, there I was watching a trailer for Kick Ass on YouTube once. This green suited curly haired guy..a bit of a mini-Micky hairdo to be it the moves and the talk…guns and Martial Arts a flying….and there on the right was this video for a… Hot Body Workout.

Now if there are any girls reading this, let me tell you a thing about guys: you don’t even have to show them a Hot Body Workout to get them interested. The words are enough. Hot Body you say?

But…being YouTube there was a frame of a very fit (as in ripped) girl with a barbell almost naked. Now it’s still there. It’s one of Zuzana’s videos on BodyRock TV. But at the time I didn’t know what it was. So I clicked it.

Well I watched it. Then watched it again (it’s a bit hypnotic for some reason, I think its her accent, she is Czech)…and then watched other ones and finally went to the main site…

Just so you know this is not an advert for their’s just a long introduction into me discovering the benefit of doing some high intensity Tabata protocol workouts.

And the benefit of these protocol trainings…finally getting in roads to the Love Handles. Those partners in crime. The fat that don’t shift. If you are in your 30s or 40s you’ll probably be familiar with them.

You know the things women say ‘ach sure guys always have some’ which really means ‘look, I know they are there but you could make them smaller’ or something indirect like that.

Those regions that seem immune from running and weight training and general going down-the-gymming. Many words of self-apology have been spoken about the Love Handles.

Well, you don’t have to have them if you work at it. That fat can be gone…along with the belly. But to do it you have to become a bit of a fat burning machine…So here’s my tip for the day for losing the Love Handles, and this is for guys who already go to the gym (since they can do these types of exercise):

Incorporate 2 high intensity short 20 minutes workouts into your week rather than go to the gym for an hour

Now why do this? Because they have been shown to be effective in studies…and from personal experience they are very effective. It’s all because of this magical method: The Tabata Protocol.

You can look up Izumi Tabata and see his work with athletes. Or you can go look up BodyRock TV and other fitness sites and see how people have applied them to workouts. But I’ll save you the trip.

The Tabata Protocol is a form of training that uses High Intensity Interval Training to improve physical performance with the added benefit that it BURNS MORE FAT than normal exercise.

Paraphrasing here with some license but basically if you work at above 100% oxygen consumption (ultra-intense exercise) in short bursts, something interesting happens. Your body needs to get the oxygen from other sources in the body, not just what is readily available from digested food and standard aerobic processes.

So one of the things it does is burns fat.

And the extra benefit is that even when you are done your body keeps burning fat for some time longer. It doesn’t stop right away.

Now isn’t that interesting. It is reported to have the same benefit as more hours in the gym or running. But it also has that extra kick of pushing your body into a higher fat burning regime.

But enough of the science stuff (do look it up though it’s a fascinating subject), what kind of intervals and exercises are we talking about? Well simple stuff actually. Exercises that look a lot like you are in Boot Camp or at school with a teacher shouting at you and undermining your burgeoning manhood…..I mean the study was done using an exercise bike!

So let’s see…say for an under-20 minutes workout, you could do interval training such as this:

Warm Up – Stretch –

8 rounds of 20 seconds doing press ups or one leg press ups ( as in one leg raised and pointed out behind you), alternating legs, with 10 seconds rest

Short Rest

8 rounds of side crunches, oblique crunches, regular crunches etc with same 20 seconds on 10 seconds rest.

Short Rest

8 rounds of squat thrusts or mountain climbers (starting as if you are in the blocks for a sprint and are raised at the Ready stage, then jumping the other foot forward while the other goes back, repeat etc)

Short Rest

8 rounds of skipping as fast as you can

Done – Warm Down

Now I just thought this up as I am writing but it’s similar to the kinds of workouts I do.

There are 2 extras though. Very Important:

Use an interval timer – like a Gymboss timer – to get full focus

You have to give it your maximum for each interval

As the Tabata protocol reported, the benefits of the interval training come when you are at full pelt. Now this doesn’t mean sacrificing form for speed. Just push as much as you can. The more you do the training then you’ll know.

So right now, get out a pen and paper, look up body weight exercises, and an interval timer, and plan a workout. Or alternatively go and find the Hot Body Workout and then do the rest.

Then decide what day you are going to do it on.

Oh and by the way, you do sweat…a lot….so you may want to warn people!

Good Luck


PS Here is the video from a few years back:

These days she’s out kicking ass and doing ZWOW (Zuzana’s Workout Of the Week) – Zuzana’s Site

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