Monklike Geek Causes Earthquake By Getting Girls Breaking Eggs!!!

Breaking eggs - pick up and practice

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You know the words came out of my mouth and I knew even as they slipped over my lips and took flight, it was a bit over the top. She looked at me with this squinted knowing face like I had insulted her family…but really it was just the dress she was wearing.

But why?

When I first started out learning dating advice and improving my ability to get girls, I dived in headfirst at the ‘cocky and funny’ technique so taught by David DeAngelo. I read all about it. I spent hours re-reading it just so it would go into my head…and then I tried it..

But you know what ‘they’ say…

There’s a real difference between reading about it and actually doing it

At any rate, it started out okay. I actually managed to get some interest. Girls who previously would ignore me would stick around just that bit longer when I mentioned thing like the Mystery line ‘Wow, I like your shoes! I saw some girl wearing a pair just like that 5 minutes ago’

..and that’s tame!

There was ‘You know you’re not that attractive…but you’re fun’ to hot girls and ‘That’ll cost you some money for the next touch’…all things now that I could say but in a better way with more body language control.

And so it would go on in these fresh new nights of wonder. Seeing if I could get a girl. End my dating drought. Become that guy who pulls without worry.

And then it happened.

I said something to a girl that my friends heard and ….it crossed a line

But what DID I say?

Well you have to understand I didn’t have a lot of experience and so I was a bit rough round the edges…and really it wasn’t a terrible thing to say. It was just that the way the situation then developed and that my mate heard me point blank saying it, and being a bit oblivious to the art of attracting women and getting girls, he immediately apologized, it spiraled a bit.

All water under the bridge now…but it was a bit close for a time. My friends looked at me a bit funny for a while, not really sure what I was going to say next.

So anyway, here it is:

I said to this blonde girl standing with her friend, and from over her shoulder….

Hey, I like your dress……….it looks like a carpet!

My God, the reaction. I immediately saw that she wasn’t the feisty type and that she was more reserved and shy. She looked at me and then sort of through me. I could even hear the words forming in her mind…’what a dick’….and then just to make it worse I stood there with a big smile on my face and kind of gravitated near them until my other mate pulled me aside and just said…

‘That was a bit out of order, Micky’

And he was right….and I said sorry to him. He looked a bit distraught himself because he didn’t want to give me what he thought was a bit of a dressing down.

….but afterwards, a few days later something happened….something magical almost

I used a similar technique of being upfront and cocky with some just a touch of funny, and it worked a charm…I pulled….and soon after my dating drought had ended!!!

And then another thing….some months later a girl I was hanging out with told me she had heard from a friend that I had said that line about the carpet. She couldn’t believe it but she laughed all the same. Ah Micky, you’re a crazy one!!! The story had spread around in the network of women I knew and didn’t know. It was like a natural phenomenon…like an earthquake. Something they all talked about in equal parts intrigue, fascination and horror….but they still talked about it!

So what is this about really now Micky…you’re spinning us quite a yarn?

Well it’s simple:

You can’t make an omelette……..

without breaking some eggs

Now when I say breaking some eggs I don’t mean you go out and be a dick to every girl you meet.

In fact you don’t even have to go out and really push the cocky and funny, or really ramp up your social proof, have Demonstrations of Higher Value…or all the other nuances and techniques you’ll find in dating advice.

No I wanted to share with you the simple fact that…

………you have to go out and DO SOMETHING…

Even if is a bit risky at the start….risky like going up to a hot girl and just asking the time, saying hello, how are you doing…..shooting the breeze…and maybe if you know how, teasing her for a bit.

Because if you never take a risk and step outside your personality safety zone, you’ll not end up getting girls, improving you dating chances, coming up with ‘good’ line to say, stories to tell, having fun, being social and just becoming a better guy that holds attention….

And you know how I know that….

Because if the guy you are now is not getting the girls you want, you’re still in your personal safety zone…and that zone hasn’t got you girls before….

….because it didn’t get ME girls before….

So enough!! Go out… break a few eggs…test your limits….and hopefully make a few omelettes…

…cause you know… they might be for breakfast the next day!!!.


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