Micky at the WallHi, I’m Micky H Corbett. So who am I?

We’ll I’m a musician by hobby and a scientist by profession.

For the music you can check me out at Michael Corbett at Last Fm; as a scientist, you should Google me as Michael H Corbett or M H Corbett. But only if you are interested!

Really though, more recently I have started learning about how to become a coach and provide information to those who need it.

The main subject is helping 30 and 40 something guys lose some fat without extreme changes to lifestyle and diet.

Now why this in particular ?

Well this is the most relevant to me right now.

I’m an active person, quite slim, but I still always had a bit of fat round the belly. Not a lot but enough that I even briefly went up a jean size. I usually have a 30″ waist. It went up to 32″ for a while. I had to buy different types of jeans to match my waist and leg. This was a year or so ago.

So I started changing my diet and it did bring the fat off a bit but it was only since January 2010 that I got committed to a training program that has helped get me that bit leaner and looking better (Vanity, it’s great isn’t it!). And when I say commit, it took me to April to get things going and then really see results.

A good website for workouts to look up is Zuzana and Freddy’s fitness site BodyRock TV. I also run and rock climb and have incorporated other exercises into my life but the workouts provide most of the high intensity activity.

The key was patience and discipline. Getting into the habit and sticking to it. And it pays off in the long run.

So hopefully, I can be of some help to guys (and girls) out there. If not then I’ll try and put up some good articles and posts just for interest anyway.

Thanks for reading

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